Projekte & Praktika

Projects or practical courses (Projekt/Praktikum) included in the B.A. (BHu/BFe 561) or, optionally, M.A. curricula can be realized in two ways.


1. Project course

Whenever our resources allow, a practical or project course will be offered, within which students as a group work on a project, for instance, a database, an exhibition or the organization of an event. 


2. Individual project

A student’s individual project work, either at our department or in an external institution (cultural institute, school, embassy, etc.) can also be recognized, provided that

  • it is practically oriented and relevant for possible future employment;
  • it is connected with one or more Finno-Ugric language(s), literature(s) or culture(s);
  • the workload, including the preparations of the work, corresponds to 10 ECTS, i.e. 250 working hours in sum;
  • if it is conducted at an external institution, the work plan has in beforehand been accepted by one of the teachers of our department;
  • it is supervised by a teacher of our department;
  • as the project is finished, the student submits a detailed written report of the work (in consultation with the supervising teacher).