We offer B.A. programmes in Hungarian Studies and Finnish Studies, including not only Hungarian or Finnish and Estonian language classes but also basic knowledge in linguistics, literature and cultural studies. (If you just want to learn Hungarian or Finnish, you can also attend the language courses of the University Language Centre. But if you are ready to invest time and effort in the study of a new language, why not expand it into a complete B.A.? Those who already have a very good command of Hungarian or Finnish can replace the obligatory language courses with a language skills test (Sprachbeherrschungsprüfung).)

Our M.A. programmes offer the basic academic training in Hungarian Studies (Hungarian literature and culture) or Finno-Ugric studies (a linguistically oriented M.A. programme focusing on one or more Finno-Ugric languages).  

We are the only institution outside the Hungarian language area in the proper sense of the word with a teacher education programme for teachers of Hungarian. Furthermore, we offer extension curricula (in Hungarian and Finnish Studies) for students of other subjects. And, of course, there is a doctoral programme.

As a relatively small department, we can provide our students with good individual support and supervision in a friendly atmosphere. We also offer a broad range of international courses (our summer college at Szombathely, international winter schools of Finno-Ugrian studies, etc.) and Erasmus cooperations.