Course examinations

Courses without continuous assessment (Vorlesungen, VO) end with a written or oral examination. Students must register for the examination in the U:SPACE system. The dates for examinations are given in the U:SPACE system and on the department homepage. For each course, four examination dates must be given; the first examination date is at the end of the semester. 

An examination with a positive grade can be repeated once (up to 6 months after the first examination date). Hereby the first grade will be annulled, which means that in principle, the re-attempt can also lead to a weaker or even a "fail" grade. A failed examination can be repeated maximally three times; the third re-attempt must be a kommissionelle Prüfung, that is, supervised by a team of instructors. If the student fails even the third re-attempt, s/he will be de-enrolled from the degree programme.

Courses with continuous assessment (UE, KO, PS, SE) are graded on the basis of many criteria, not only the final examination. If the course grade is "fail", the whole course must be repeated. 

Language skills test

Students who already have a good command of Hungarian or Finnish can replace the modules Spracherwerb 1–6 in the B.A. curriculum of Hungarian or Fennistic Studies with the department’s own language skills test (Sprachbeherrschungsprüfung). (Note that the test only serves the internal goals of the department. It will be graded like normal examinations but does not yield a certificate which could be used as proof of language skills outside the department.)

The language skills test consists of a written part (testing grammar skills, text comprehension and active text production) and an oral part (conversation, testing fluency and lexicon).

Language skills tests are organized in every semester; the dates are announced on the department homepage. Should the student fail the test, s/he can re-attempt it in the following semester.