Finno-Ugristics is international by nature, and our Hungarian studies have developed a strong international focus on transnational and multilingual cultural spaces in historical Hungary and beyond. These international interests are supported by strong international networks.

Erasmus exchange

Erasmus contracts with various other universities offer our students a broad range of international opportunities...

Erasmus+: Winter schools and more

Our Erasmus+ cooperations (such as the INFUSE network) provide opportunities to participate at international winter schools and other international courses...

Literature, culture, Hungarian studies

Also beyond the Erasmus system, our Hungarian studies participates in the organization of summer schools, workshops and other international activities.

Summer courses at Szombathely

At our Austro-Hungarian summer schools at Szombathely, Hungarian can be learnt in an authentic context (pages in German only!).

Visiting teachers

Through Erasmus and other programmes, we can expand our teaching with unique and interesting courses...