Information for new students is provided (in German) each semester at an information event (see Events) and in the downloadable handout for first-semester students (Leitfaden für Erstsemestrige, see Download & Links).

Introductory and orientation period (StEOP, Studieneingangs- und Orientierungsphase)

The BA programmes in Hungarian and Finnish studies begin with the StEOP phase. At the end of the first semester (see the Factsheets on the StudentPoint website), two exams must be passed:

  1. Linguistics and cultural studies (Introduction to linguistics; Hungary/Finland: History and culture I)
  2. Literature studies (Introduction to the study of literature; Introduction to the history of Hungarian/Finnish literature I) 

In the first semester before passing the StEOP exam, students are only allowed to participate at the above-mentioned courses and the Hungarian/Finnish language courses (Sprachübung I). 

Students of the Hungarian teacher training programme (Unterrichtsfach Ungarisch) only need to pass one module examination at our department, in addition to two others (in the other teaching subject and in pedagogic education). When studying a teacher accreditation programme, both the introductory and orientation period of one subject and the introductory and orientation period of the pedagogic education have to be completed in order to be allowed to pass exams of other courses.

Students should pass the exams of the introductory and orientation period in their first semester. Further courses can not be attended before the introductory and orientation period has been completed.

There is a total of at least two examination dates offered. The exams can be repeated three times. All examination dates are set in a way that students can continue their study in the next semester after having completed the introductory and orientation period.

Further information on the StudentPoint website.