Blended intensive programme: Interdisciplinary human past and quantitative Uralistics


Die Universität Turku veranstaltet im November einen Erasmus-finanzierten Intensivkurs über die interdisziplinäre (Genetik, Archäologie, Sprachwissenschaft) Forschung der Vorgeschichte Nordosteurasiens.

Interessensmeldungen bitte bis 16.9. (!) an Jeremy Bradley oder Johanna Laakso!


Interdisciplinary human past and quantitative Uralistics

Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) course at the University of Turku, 21–25 November (+ travelling days ) 2022.

The course is funded by the Erasmus+ mobility programme.

The mobility of the participants is realized as Erasmus student or staff mobility. This requires a bilateral agreement between the universities involved.

Participants: Students and PhD students; staff
Subject: Human past in the Uralic language speaker area
Lectures on multidisciplinary studies of human past in North-Western Eurasia (holistic past, genetic past, archaeology, linguistic past).
Familiarizing with typological and spatial data of Uralic languages.
Hands on training on R-program and QGis-program.
Conducting a qualitative and quantitative study on one of the Uralic languages (or their contact language).
Learning to operate in interdisciplinary context.
Hybrid model in teaching:
-       Before course training of main concepts via Zoom-lectures and videos. Incl. ensuring that R and QGis do run in everyone’s computer and partipants are ready to use them during the intensive week.
-       Intensive week 21–25 November 2022 in Turku. Lectures 9–12 and tutorials 13–16.
-       Course work preferably in interdisciplinary teams. Themes selected before the course and studies prepared during the course and after that.
-       After the course, couple of Zoom-meetings to present the course works.

To whom:
Students of Finno-Ugristics, computational linguistics, archaeology, population genetics and geography.
Extent: 5 ECTS

Language: English

Place: University of Turku