The Finno-Ugrian Department is part of the Institute of European and Comparative Language and Literature Studies.


We research diverse aspects of languages, literatures, and cultures, together with an extensive network of cooperation partners.

About us

The Finno-Ugrian department of the University of Vienna was founded in 1974 and belongs since 2005 to the Institute of European and Comparative Literature and Language Studies. It is the workplace of more than 20 employees: faculty, external lecturers, and others. 


We are the only university institute in Austria offering degree programmes in Hungarian, Finnish and Finno-Ugrian studies.


We regularly organise conferences and symposia as well as cultural events and host several guest lectures each year.

The new design of our website was launched in March 2017 and is still under construction. As a multilingual institution, we take pride in our multilingual web presence, but maintaining and continuously updating all pages in all our languages is beyond our resources. We apologize for any inconvenience and kindly advise you to switch to the German version (flag symbol on the top of the page) for complete and up-to-date contents.


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