E-Learning-Kurs: Einführung in die kleinen ostseefinnischen Sprachen


Im Rahmen der Erasmus+-Kooperation INFUSE wird im Sommersemester ein E-Learning-Kurs über die kleinen ostseefinnischen Sprachen angeboten.

Im Rahmen der Erasmus+-Kooperation INFUSE wird im Sommersemester ein E-Learningkurs über die kleinen ostseefinnischen Sprachen angeboten. Der Kurs endet mit einem Workshop in Uppsala (für unsere TeilnehmerInnenquote werden die Reise- und Unterkunftskosten refundiert). Für den Kurs werden 3 ECTS und für den Workshop weitere 3 ECTS angerechnet (z.B. unter MFi500 oer MFi600; weitere Details bitte mit Mikko Kajander besprechen).

Weitere Infos unten. Anmeldungen bitte per e-Mail an Prof. Laakso vor 28.2.!


E-learning course: Introduction to the minor Finnic languages

The course focuses on the minor Finnic languages Ingrian, Karelian, Kven, Livonian, Meänkieli, South Estonian, Veps and Vote. These range in number of native speakers from ca. 80 000 (South Estonian) to less than 10 (Livonian), and are mainly spoken in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Russia and Sweden.

After a general introduction to the Finnic languages, stressing their specific characteristics in comparison to the other Uralic languages, the course continues with overviews of the individual Finnic languages, including their phonology, morphology, syntax and lexicon. Simple texts, both in phonetic transcription and in the various orthographies, will be read and analyzed; recordings will be transcribed. Contact of these Finnic languages, the speakers of which are all at least bilingual, with other languages such as Latvian, Norwegian, Saamic, Russian and Swedish, but also inter-Finnic language contact, will be covered within the theories of contact linguistics, and there will be an overview of language policy issues.

The course will be in English, and is aimed at students with at least a CEFR level B1/B2 knowledge of Estonian and/or Finnish.

Teaching will be through the e-meeting tool Adobe Connect, at a time to be decided after the application deadline.



Application:                        weeks 05-09 (02.-28.02.2018)

Start:                                     week 12 (19.-23.03.2018)

Finish:                                  week 24 (11.-15.06.2018)

Summer workshop:                      week 25 (18.-22.06.2018)